Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think I wrote this in two minutes

I haven't written here for more time than I feel happy about. I'm supposed to keep this updated for people who might come to see what I'm all about. People who I've contacted and need some persuasion. Of course, I haven't actually been to work for a couple of weeks now so I didn't have anything to say on the topic.

I have been hearing from more people. Busy people. It's good to see writers who are busy. I'm not one of them so maybe I have some hope. I only wish I could get a hold of someone who could blog for the site. The CEO says I'm getting some common responses so at least I know it isn't just my approach that isn't working. I do believe people when they tell me why they won't be able to blog for us, I'm not calling anyone a liar; I just get worried I've done something wrong. I only contacted one person today.

The rest of my day was spent on youtube looking up videos for various stages of life. It was an interesting break from trudging through emails, but admittedly, not a strong point of mine. I don't actually get on youtube unless I'm finding a song to post on someone's facebook wall or someone forces me to watch something. Luckily, I have many friends who love procrastination so I was aware of some good videos in advance. One of the problems I have is trying to figure out what people with children, or grandparents want to watch. I couldn't tell you. However, I'm optimistic that some of the videos will be posted by the CEO. He seemed to like some of the stuff I found. I did have a hard time trying to come up with reasons why you would find the videos on the site. Mostly I just like things that are funny. You can only give that as a reason so many times. My summations are probably not the best and I hope Mr. Thiegs will either be okay with what I wrote, or figure out something better to say.

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