Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Now On

I will not really be blogging about what I do for StageofLife. That's right, I just used the title of this blog as part of my first sentence. So, what have I done, what will I be doing and why is this the case? All in good time. I'd first like to complain about the fact that my mouse will not stay where I put it. It makes things difficult. That's all the complaining I have to do though.

I've been working this summer on making StageofLife a better site. I think I've done alright. I know that some of what I've done has been useful. Like contacting that site about our writing contest. The CEO says that produced a lot of site traffic. I recruited at least one blogger and that's a little bit of something. There were the videos I found, Mr. Thiegs used many of them. And today I found pictures to illustrate the Etiquette sections of the site. When you boil things down to a list like this it seems like I didn't spend hours working on these things. I wouldn't say it seems like nothing, but look, it's a tiny paragraph. That paragraph is the product of hours in a steamy attic. I think I can safely say I'm proud.

I'll probably be keeping this blog up, but I'll switch topics. I have no clue what I'll blog about. My internship could continue if I find the time for it when I head back to campus, but who knows if I'll still want to write about it. Maybe I'll talk about being the fiction editor for our lit mag. I'm hoping to have more fun and creativity with it.

So, technically I covered the reason for not blogging about StageofLife. I'll be going back to school on the 19th. It's an early move-in due to my editing position, but I wish it could start sooner. While I've enjoyed my time working for Mr. Thiegs, life at home is dull. I could say "dull as. . ." but anything coming to mind is cliche so I won't. I am anxious to get back to school and have something to wake up for. Most days here I don't wake up until after 11. Life, life, I'm coming back!