Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sitting on Excitement

Well, I'm not too sure how to start this blog. I'm excited so I just want to jump in, but I find if you go with this approach in a pool you end up shocked by a burst of cold water. I don't know if blogs are like pools, but jumping just isn't my style.

I didn't find a lot today. Google likes to send notifications that deal with stages of life I'm not looking for, like how many stages of life a dragonfly has. Yeah, that would be helpful to someone, but I don't need to get twenty notifications about it when I'm looking for bloggers. So, I've looked at a lot of nothing today.

Then there was the googling of authors from Muse & Stone. The CEO asked me to look some of the authors up because their credibility as writers is already established. I googled names to try to find email addresses. It's a frustrating process because you might be able to find the right person and still not find the information you want. My work during this part of the day was mostly looking at google links that said amazon.com then hitting the next button.

Monotony. That's what I'm going through. It's something I was thinking about earlier in the day. So much of my life is spent in ritual and, while I wouldn't be able to get along without it in most cases, it's something that drives me mad. I can sit and work on a task for hours, but I think something inside claws at my belly the whole time. Of course, this isn't really a complaint about the work I'm doing. It seems an awful lot like it because I've been staring at the computer since 11 and it's now 5. I'm just not used to working so my retelling of events comes across as being bitter. Perhaps nothing I say will make anyone think I am not bitter because I'm about to go on about this working business (does the pun come across?).

I fear work which is why I'm putting myself into it. I've never had a job before and, while I don't want to be without one when I graduate, I'm terrified of what I'll end up doing. It's never been my policy to face my fears so I'm really in uncharted waters with all of this. My internship is a great opportunity and I actually like what I'm doing. When I find blogs I really like reading them to see what different people find interesting. The thing I'm unsure about is putting myself intentionally into more monotony. That little beast scratching at my stomach wall might get larger and start to eat precious organs. I guess I'll figure out if I'm suited for this if my kidneys don't fail.

One good sign is the cause for my excitement. That's right, now we're plunging in (notice it is not a jump, more of a submerging). I got a response from someone I contacted! This news is wonderful for me on a couple of different levels. For one, my job is actually accomplishing something. I'm not just shouting into the dark anymore, somebody has held up a candle. And I'm excited about something which is out of the norm for me. One of the writers from Muse & Stone emailed me back and I really hope she signs up to be a blogger.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I began my grueling work today. I mean, the official stuff that the CEO went over with me on Monday. My job is to look at blogs and invite the people who spark my interest to take a look at our site and possibly write for us. So, I went through approximately 180 links sent to me by google alerts and found nine writers I liked enough to contact.

I'm semi-used to this kind of work already, but it doesn't get much easier with time or experience. When I was a senior in high school I was Copy Editor of the yearbook and spent fifty minutes a morning staring at a computer, looking for wrong spellings of names and typos. When I'm at college I work for our literary magazine and read through hundreds of aspiring writers to find maybe a good piece every month. I guess I'm trying to say that this work isn't any different. Staring at a computer screen, looking for something good in a swamp bloggers. The work isn't bad really, just tiring and monotonous. You find some interesting stuff when you search for "stage of life."

Mostly it's articles about graduation, things about menopause, and dog food advertisements. Then, when you actually find a blog, the phrase is there because it's a quote from the Bible. I keep thinking I might be terrible for this job because I'm so biased, but then I think, "who isn't?" I'm less inclined to contact someone who focuses an entire blog, or several blogs on Christian life. It isn't that I don't like Christians, I just don't like preachers. Another bias is really liking people who talk about the arts and I'm not wholly sure the CEO is looking for poets, but he did put me in charge of this. When I look at other people's blogs I try to look at quality first. I go for subject if they pass the first test. I've been taught to do that in most situations so I guess it's a good policy here.

So, I have my worries about objectivity, but I'm pretty confident in my decisions. I found some really interesting blogs and writers today. There was a football player who wrote about travel, family and memories. He was really eloquent and it made me happy to see someone so diverse. There was a very descriptive piece about not wanting to go on; a dark subject, but why ignore something just because you might not want to admit it's true? I also read a feminist piece (there were a lot of these that were mostly crazy and nonsensical) that surprised me with it's very logical points about the unique experiences to women. And I found a poet! I'm not entirely sure how good he is, but the poem he had posted was something I liked. I'd call it a good day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Day

I'm starting an internship today with a website called Stage of Life.

I'm very excited to start looking at blogs and expose myself to a different type of writing than I'm used to. The site itself is a great opportunity for writers to express themselves as they go through life's journey. I'm looking forward to writing for it, but mostly for getting more writers involved.

I've learned a lot about what it takes to be published and the way the world is changing for writers so having a chance to make good writers known is important to me. I'm also fully behind the CEO's concept for the site. Check out the CEO's blog.