Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Blog

So, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty self-conscious about this blog. I didn't have a good handle on what to do with it after I didn't need to update it for my internship. So, I started a new blog where I can just put the creative writing samples I want to display. I'll use this blog now for other things that I feel like writing about, and I think that's the best solution for my issues with this blog. None of the stuff on the new blog is "new" but I have updated some of the writing you've seen here. The new blog, if you're interested, is Writing Patches. http://writingpatches.blogspot.com/ Thank you for putting up with this.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Too Sad to Actually Be Fiction...

You shouldn't live your life in anger and, the younger you are (at least in my case), the easier it is to stand by that sentiment. But sometimes things happen. Sometimes, you develop grudges you never thought you were capable of holding. One day, you can't stay angry at somebody for more than four hours, and the next day you've had a grudge for over a year...things change--people wear on you.

Let's take what I just said, and apply it to an entire group of people. Let's call these people "The English Department". So, imagine The English Department holds no grudges. They are an easy-going, loving and accepting group of people. Maybe a few people get on their nerves, and maybe they have fights every once in a while, but none of that anger sticks. Then, let's say, one day, somebody comes along and burns down The English Department's home. This doesn't sit well with these loving people and they make some noise about it. They are ignored by the offender. So they make more noise. The dispute gets to the point where the offender has his pride hurt by The English Department and The English Department is officially holding a grudge. Now, what we have to imagine is the offender has a great deal of power over The English Department. The world is set.

In this world, a group of easy-going, loving and accepting people have been through a massacre and are trying to rebuild out of rubble. An evil dictator has put the police in charge of their organization to keep them in line. This group is not so easy-going anymore.

Sigh...I wish this was actually fiction, but I can't pretend it is. I can't use any names because I don't want anyone else to lose their job but, man alive, that scenario seems like it shouldn't be reality, right?